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We know that our customers require impeccable quality, and we put every effort in order to meet this requirement.
To do this, we have defined intangible rules that make a real difference compared to our competitors:
1. Our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue. This of course means that you will not have a Chinese text translated into French or English a Chinese translator. Furthermore, we do carry out our translations to traditional Chinese, by translators of Taiwan (or Hong Kong, as the case may be).
2. Translations delivered by us benefit from double proofreading. This proofreading is done by a second translator who is responsible for checking that everything has been translated properly and who interacts with the first translator when required. Linguistic proofreading is conducted by a linguist who ensures the linguistic quality of the final piece. (Respect of grammar rules and punctuation, style, etc.)
3. We undertake translations that we are certain to perform at a level of quality corresponding to international standards, and deliver within the agreed deadlines. If we are unable to meet these expectations, we do not take the risk of carrying out the project, and we try to direct the client to an alternative source who will be able to meet the demand. If deadlines require the involvement of two or more translators in parallel, we inform the client who can then take an informed decision.
4. We strive, as far as possible, to entrust a single translator to the work of each client. The translator is thus familiar with the client's domain, which ensures a better quality, and allows greater consistency of one translation to another. We are also specific termbases, by domain or client.
5. The feedback from our customers is systematically taken into account and is used to update glossaries and translation memories.

When we receive a request, the procedure is as follows:

Furthermore, we are updating customer glossaries and manage any translation memories, in order to be able to be more efficient during the next projects.
Of course, in the (very unlikely) case of a problem, we take our responsibilities seriously and bring about the changes necessary and/or useful.

The above procedure allows us to reach a high level of satisfaction: nearly 80% customers who started working with Parallels a decade ago, still have confidence in us today.
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